Quality4Food added a new system to its portfolio:

The CARBOFRESH® Pro-Inox-Plus

The CARBOFRESH® Pro-Inox-Plus is the economical alternative to carbonation systems.

Especially in the production of medium-sized and small beverage batches a carbonization system is often a critical cost factor. With         the CARBOFRESH® Pro-Inox-Plus, CO2 values in the beverage of up to 6 g/I can be achieved quickly and reliably in a single flow cycle. The unit can be placed from tank to tank or in a circulation mode.

And another advantage is that the CARBOFRESH® does nor require electricity, as it starts automatically by the flow of the beverage.

The CARBOFRESH® can also be used for wine or kombucha, as well as for removing CO2 from wines, by the use of N2.

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