Loliser: seaming roll polisher

Loliser seaming roll polisher

Quality4Food presents the Lolos seaming roll cleaner:
This patented system from Loliser, polishes seaming rolls directly from the seamer, without dismantling or removing them. With the polisher you are able to achieve incredible results in just one line stop of a minute per seaming roll. It is eliminating any residue of varnish or metal pick up adhered to the seaming roll, it also eliminate any grooves from the seaming roll. Resulting in an improvement of the quality of your seam, an increased in the production, avoiding customer complaints and lengthening the life expectation of the seaming rolls. As a result, you save time and reduce the cost.


  • Keep your seaming rolls new like the first day.
  • Double seam without oxidation.
  • Polish each seaming roll in 1 minute, without dismantling it, therefore not necessary to adjust the seamer.
  • Expanding the life cycle of your seaming rolls.
  • Reduces seamer stops due to friction in the double seam.
  • It is not necessary to have experience in seamers.
  • Adjustable for all types of seaming rolls, regardless of the can height or the seamer model.
  • The seaming rolls polisher is practically maintenance free.
  • Valid for all types of seaming rolls: titanium, ceramic, stainless Steel, chromium, etc.


There are 4 kinds of the Loliser:

Completely automated version

Budget Version

Bugdet version - Single head

Standard wired version

Loliser standard version

Wireless version

Loliser Wireless

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