Heat Treatment

Quality4Food can help you with 2 options for heat treatment, a batch autoclave or an inline flash pasteurizer.


The autoclaves from KEA PHØNIX, are build in Denmark. With over 50 years of experience building and maintaining these systems. In order to match the needs and requirements of their customers they have a special focus on:

  • Knowhow
  • Quality
  • Flexibility
  • Service

Quality4Food can also help you with additional items for sterilization such as baskets and layer paths

Flash Pasteurization of Liquid Products

By flash pasteurization harmful microorganisms in beverages and liquid food are killed with the aim of improving microbiological stability and helf life of the product. The FlashPasto skid is designed to pasteurize the product gently without adversely affecting its colour, its taste or its digestibility.

Flash Pasteurization

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