Oil filters

Non-destructive seam inspection for oil filters.

The use of the SEAM360 for non destructive double seam inspection for your oil filters allows you to check the seam thickness and seam height / length at every point around the full 360° of your seam within just a few seconds. This way , bumps, cracked chucks, droops, split seams and other issues are easily picked up and displayed. The system rotates the filter while measuring automatically and stores all measurements in the software. This way there is no influence from the operator on the test results. The system is suitable for all sizes of oil filters up to Ø 153 mm.

The conventional destructive double seam method where you cut on 2 or 3 positions, is potentially unsafe, expensive and potential defects can pass by unnoticed for many checks in a row. Also it’s a time consuming way of working. The SEAM360 allows you only to check “suspicious” filters, improving quality, accuracy, trackability and reduction of cost in terms of time and valuable products.
So far, the system has detected:

  • Droops & Vees
  • False seams
  • Broken chucks
  • Split seams
  • Tooling & bearing issues
  • Seam gap issues
  • Overlap problems
  • Overhang
  • Seam bumps
  • Knocked-down flanges
  • Dead-heads & skids

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