Co2 control in tanks as well in bottles / cans, Pasteurization control, torque measurement

Steinfurth Automatic CO2 Tester CDA MK-6

CDA MK-6 is an easy to use, high-precision and reliable CO2 monitoring in beverage bottles and cans.

Steinfurth CO2 Tank & KEG Tester

The Steinfurth Tank andKEG Tester can be connected to a tank of the product line or KEG for easy product sampling. This system is easy to use, and the highly accurate and compact CO2 manometer measure simultaneously pressure and Temperature measurement and automatic CO2 calculation.


Steinfurth NICO and NICO LAB

Enjoy fast, easy and non-destructive CO2 measurement for filled beverage bottles, both glass as PET with the Steinfurth NICO-LAB or Portable NICO.

The Portable NICO is easy to take anywhere to check the CO2 content, so you check in the warehouse, or even at a reseller if your product still meets the required CO2 content.

The NICO-LAB is an easy to use NON_DESTRUCTIVE CO2 tester to be used in a lab, advantage is that the sample can be used for future testing. Also is this an ideal test device that allows you to follow up on the loss of CO2 n PET bottles over a period of time as you can use the same sample many times.


​Steinfurth Past Control System

The Steinfurth Past Control equipment for pasteurization gives you precise pasteurization monitoring results. By measuring time and temperature, the software automatically calculates the amount of PU. This can be used on canned or bottled products.


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