Well water

For the treatment of well water Centec provides among others the following systems: Filtec-M, A media filtration unit that:

  • Reduction of iron and manganese
  • Removal of heavy metals (e. g. nickel, lead and aluminum)
  • Filtration of suspended solids, organic material and turbidity
  • Removal of ammonia and nitrate
  • Reduction of fluoride, radioactivity, etc.
Centec Filtec M - Media filtration unit

Chlorine dosing

A unit used to dose Calcium hypochlorite Ca(OCl)2, to disinfect water to protect their water supply against microbiological contamination.

Chlorine Dosing system by Quality4food

Filtec AC

an active coal filtration unit, suitable for the production of water for beverages and used to ensure perfect product water quality. Typical  applications are:

  • Removal of free chlorine
  • Improvement/removal of odour and colour
  • Removal of anthropogenic impurities (sweeteners, drugs, pesticides, etc.)
  • Reduction of THM and other disinfection by-products like chloramines
  • Reduction of organic compounds (TOC, humic acid, etc.)
Filtec AC - Active coal filtering unit

Water softening

Centec Ion tec

This ion exchange system softens water used for beer, beer based mixed drinks, beverages or preoces water used for steam generation.

Centec Ion Tec

Reverse osmosis

The Centec Revotec is a reverse osmose system used to:

  • Reduction of salinity, dissolved minerals and parameters such as hardness, alkalinity, nitrate, etc.
  • Barrier for germs and viruses
  • Removal of organics, pollutants and micro-contaminants


For De-gassing of water we can rely on several typs of systems:

  • De-Gas Cold -> effective, cost effective way to removes O2 out of water
  • De-Gas Hot -> besides removing the O2 it also desinfects the water by heat treatment
  • DGS (Membrane water Deaeration) When height is a problem, the DGS is the answer
  • V-Gas (Vacuum Deaeration) Removes O2 from water, liquid food and dairy products

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