Craft beer brewing systems

The Centec craft line

Centec offers a selection of cost-effective process systems specifically designed for craft breweries. The skids are typically used for capacities up to 50 hl/h. They are characterized by a lower level of automation and optional high precision sensor technology. The Centec Craft Line is easy to implement and to configure. The Centec craft line consist of below items:

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Craft DeGaS-Cold

  • A manual operated column water de-aeration unit.
  • Less O2 pick up at filtering by the pre rinsing of degassed water.
  • Advantage: Lower O2 levels in your beer.
DeGas Cold

Craft Wort Aerator

  • A manual operated wort aerator
  • Advantage: optimizing the yeast growth and fermentation

Craft Blender

  • For blending high gravity beer with water or syrup
  • Advantage: more production of end product with same brew / fermentation capacity

Craft Carbonator

  • It comes with specifically designed Vortex-Venturi injector that feeds CO2 directly into the product
  • Advantage: always an optimum CO2 level in your end product



Oxytrans M ECO O2 sensor

  • An affordable though accurate portable O2 sensor.
  • Advantage: be flexible in O2 Measurement throughout your brewery
Oxytrans M-ECO

Craft (Mobile) CIP unit

  • A manual operated (mobile) CIP system, for optimum CIP of you brewing equipment, such as brew kettle, hoses, fermentation / BBT.
  • Advantage: no need to build a CIP unit, just, bring it where its needed and afterwards simply store it again.

Quality4food - Cip Capture

The Craft systems can be expanded with a range of sensors and electric valves and therefore can be integrated within your current automation circuit. Centec offers a wide range of solutions in cold block, yeast management, flash pasteurization, valve block, CIP, for information on the complete range contact us directly.

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