Brewery Equipment – Coldblock supply

Wort Systems


Wort Cooler

The Wort Cooler reduces the temperature of wort to the required pitching temperature. In breweries, cooling is typically performed after wort boiling and trub separation. The cooling can be done in one or 2 stages and as cooling medium cold brew water can be used, so the energy can be reused to heat up the water for the next brew.

  • High energy efficiency with brewing water as cooling medium
  • Customized modular design with a standard PLC
  • Skid mounted for easy installation and start-up
  • Hygienic execution and full CIP capability.
Wort Cooler

Wort Aerator

The wort aerator is used for the continuous and highly accurate injection of oxygen or sterile air into beer wort. For O2 injection the Wort Aerator has a specifically designed Vortex-Venturi injector that feeds oxygen directly into the product stream. The Wort Aerator is equipped with a sterile filter system to sterilize the incoming gas.

Wort Aerator

Yeast Systems


Yeast pitch

The yeast pitching system YeastPitch doses yeast cells fully automatic and homogeneously into the wort stream.

Yeast Pitch

Yeast Thermolyser

The Yeast Thermolyzer deactivates yeast by heating. Containing a high level of vitamin B and proteins, waste or surplus yeast is a valuable product which can be used after heat treatment

Yeast Thermalizer

Yeast Propagator (yeast management)

The Yeast Propagator consists of one or more individually controllable propagation tanks. The number and the size of these propagators relates to the brewery’s capacity and the processes.

Yeast Propagator

Yeast recycler

The Yeast Recycler is used for recovering beer from waste or surplus yeast. Beer recovery allows the brewery to reduce wastewater and to obtain two valuable products: Beer and yeast. While the beer is returned back to the brewing process, the yeast can be sold

Yeast Recycler

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