Craft beer canning systems

Combine and start filling those cans!

Craft beer can filling systems in combination with Quality by Vision can inspection and seamer set-up systems. A ideal combination for craft beer fillers.

If you want to start with can filling, Quality4Food will help you with the equipment from Twin Monkeys and Quality by Vision.
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The Twin Monkeys Gunnison has a capacity of 20 cans a minute.

Check all the Twin Monkeys' canning systems.

Low or high capacity, how much do you need?

The Twin Monkeys Gunnison / Yampa have a capacity of 20 cans a minute, the Roaring fork 40 goes for 40 cans / minute and can be expanded with a dual lane to double to 80 cans/minute . Al these systems are fully expandable with optional additional options such as depalletizing, automatic inlet, can rinsing.


Roaring Fork 40 / 80

With this dual lane canning machine, you can start with 1 lane (40 cpm) and add a second lane (80 cpm) doubling your canning capacity.

The Mancos – the worlds only automated nano-canner

New TwinMonkeys system: The Mancos, the smallest footprint, almost all can sizes possible, still high level of automation. and below 30K $

TwinMonkeys' Mancos installed by Quality4food

Seam inspection and SEAM doctor

quality by vision

Quality by Vision not only provides SEAM inspection systems, but the patented SEAM doctor provides you a tool and the software assisting you to the perfect seamer set-up. And with the Clearance gauge you can store your settings and allow you to reproduce that setting. Have a look at the video on the right to see how its done.

SEAMetal lite

Specially designed for mobile canning and low volume canning.

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