Craft beer canning systems

Twin Monkeys Beverage Systems take canning operations to the next level. With the remarkable ease of use, robustness and environmental friendly & future proof solution (an infinitely-recyclable aluminium can) Twin Monkeys Beverage System is the key for acceleration of your business.

Our total solution, depending on your personal needs, includes:

  • a wide range of can fill-and-seam machines
  • an integrated auxiliary equipment with all necessary automation
  • an engineering support tailored with the several training programmes
  • beneficial combination with Quality by Vision’s can inspection & seamer set-up system, in order to maximize equipment benefits
  • personalized accompaniment to support your personal business case at each phase of your growth plan


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Low or high capacity, how much do you need?

The Twinmonkey family consists of a range of can filling / can seaming machines starting with the Mancos, a versatile filler with a capacity of 10 to 15 cans per minute. The Yampa and Gunnison have a capacity of 20 – 25 cans a minute, the Cimarron starts with 10 cpm and can be expanded to 100+ cpm.  Al these systems are fully expandable with optional additional options such as depalletizing, automatic inlet, can rinsing.

Choose below the most suitable canning solution for your business.


Smallest, and most versatile canning line in it’s range.
Suitable for almost all can formats, such as slim, sleek, standard and crowler. Rapid change-over make it a perfect solution. And with the optional N2 its also suitable for still products as ice coffee and wine. You can already start canning at €27K

Quality4food presents Twin Monkeys' Mancos


The Mancos CP

The counter pressure fill Mancos is perfect for packaging high carbonation and high temperature products in cans. The counter pressure fill technology uses product pressure regulation during the fill cycle to reduce breakout of CO2 and control foam generation. Do you have a difficult product or environment that makes canning difficult? The CP Mancos is a great solution for you!


The Yampa

The Yampa is an automated tabletop canning system. This compact tabletop machine cans a quick 25-30 cans per minute and offers a convenient solution if you would only be canning standard sized cans. This machine is the little brother to the Gunnison, but offers significant cost savings if you know that you will only be canning standard size cans. This unit can be equipped with an optional N2 unit to make it also suitable for still drinks.

Quality4food presents The Yampa



The most popular line in our range, the Gunnison can is able to produce around 25-30 cans per minute. It has an ultra compact footprint so it will be easy to find a spot for it, and also makes it very popular for mobile canning. It’s a versatile machine and the quick change over for additional can diameters allows businesses producing more than one can size to maximize efficiency. This unit can be equipped with different kinds of in and outfeed options. Also a unique add-on to the Gunnison is the option to add a Auto Weigh/Fill Adjust/Reject Option, this option lets the machine automatically adjust the fill levels and reject low weight cans, ensuring proper fill amounts.

Quality4food Gunnison



The Cimarron is the most robust line in our offering. It is expandable from 1 to 10 filling heads, and from a single lane to dual lane. This line has a capacity of 10 to 100+ cans per minute, and can handle slim, sleek and standard cans. And the change over is very easy done. The small footprint makes also this unit highly suitable for mobile canning. And compared to many other systems used for mobile canning this one can run more then double the speed. This canner can be equipped with a wide range of in and out feed options all according to your wishes.

Quality4food - Cimarron


Kannah 4 fill-head

The Kannah 4 fill-head counter pressure canning system is built to help those with unique high carbonation or high temperature environments that have trouble with traditional canning fills. This allows you to maintain the same high-quality beverage under less ideal environments. This system is designed to give you a great canned beverage.

Expected mid 2022 the Kannah 6 head.


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